I love stories. Reading them, telling them, living them, and seeing them unfold before my eyes. So when you book a session with me, that is what I'll be doing: documenting every detail of your story. My sessions are very relaxed. I want you to feel comfortable being yourself and living life the way you normally would, regardless of my presence. Your moments of connection, laughter, tears, are what I'm there for. There will be very little posed moments. I may direct you at times on how to hold your spouse or where to place a child, but the majority of the session is you being you. This style of photography communicates the truthfulness of your story and that is the story I want to tell.


Your story is yours. I believe you should never have to pick and choose which photos you want in your life. For every session, the full gallery of high resolution, hand-edited images will be yours. All you have to do is decide what type of session you want: love, maternity, newborn, or family.

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