Hey there! I'm Leah.

And that's me holding my sweet little boy.


In a Nutshell

I'm a wife, mother, Jesus follower, coffee drinker, puppy hugger, mountain hiker, plant lover, and a bunch of other things.


Deep Down

Deep down I'm an introvert who craves one-on-one, intentional connections. I'll listen to your story till you run out of words and I'll have a hug waiting for you if you need it.

I'm a born and raised Floridian who dreams of mountain living. My husband, Matthew, is my best friend from high school. We've been together for ten years and I'm pretty smitten with him! We are parents to our sweet son and a little babe in heaven. Motherhood and pregnancy loss have both impacted me greatly. If you’ve experienced either, I’m the girl to talk to!


Things I Love

Parks & Rec (e'ery day!), sunrises, rainy afternoons, Christmas music, red wine (especially in hot chocolate), The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (books and movies), tacos tacos tacos, the great outdoors, crocheting, and all things C.S. Lewis.


How it started

Since high school I've had an interest in photography. I was obsessed with going to concerts and taking all the pictures my little camera would hold. When Matthew and I were married, I delved deeper in love with documenting our story; I wanted to remember the day to day. Then my nieces came along and oh, the joy of celebrating their life in picture form! The more my camera was out, the more I enjoyed what I was doing, and the more I wanted to tell the tales of others.

And also, to tell my own tale. Since my son's birth, I've realized the deep significance of appreciating every detail. I never want to forget the sweet moments I have with him. They are fleeting and I want them close to me for all time.

So here I am, ready to have some coffee with you, hear the thoughts of your heart, and document your story so you can hold on to its beauty for years to come.